Candy Margarita

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Candy Margarita is a gorgeous Premium Mid Harvest Hybrid cross between Dutch Treat and Lime Haze.

These big fluffy yet dense buds incorporate a gorgeous mingling of crocodile and lime greens with cider orange hairs, all in a truly generous coating of glorious trichomes. There are definitely some fantastic trophy buds in this batch!

The aroma begins with a blast of tropical lime candy, followed by a dried berry crisp base of brown sugar, oats and granola.

With a powerful myrcene and limonene dominant profile, this strain is perfect for the cannasseur who enjoys being enveloped in warm relaxation, while still having capacity for uplifting social connection.

As the blues, purples and oranges of a sweet BC sunset play through the budding leaves and branches, Candy Margarita adds that element of delicious wonderment to truly embody the spring season.

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