*NEW* Apothecary 1g CBD:CBN Cartridges


Apothecary 1g CBD:CBN Cartridges are specifically designed to act as a functional daytime anti-anxiety tool, evening relaxer or as a sleep aid.

These cartridges have no THC to ensure a smooth, manageable functional experience that effectively takes the edge off.

CBD is known for it’s anti anxiety and relaxation properties, and creates synergistic and holistic benefits when combined with it’s more potent and powerful partner: CBN.

Choose your dose to determine whichever health solution you need:

  • Low Dose (1 Puff) – Daytime Functional Anti Anxiety
  • Moderate Dose (2 Puffs) – Evening Relaxation
  • Heavy Dose (3 Puffs) – Sleep Aid

Additional information

Health Solution

Daytime Funcitonal Anti Anxiety, Evening Relaxation, Sleep Aid