Chocolate Frosty

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Chocolate Frosty is a Mid Harvest Indica Hybrid cross between two newly minted strains in the CIM Hall of Fame: Chocolate Grapes x Ether 2!

Her distinctly long, narrow buds exude parakeet green, dark mauve and orange spice colouration with considerable coconut white crystal coverage.

The Chocolate Grapes lineage provides smells of malt chocolate, coffee and a dank, sweet kush aftertaste. These blend with the unmistakable potent, gassy, funky aroma of Ether 2 parentage.

Limonene, Pinene and Caryophyllene terpenes dominate along with a high CBD content to create Uber Relaxation effects!

When testing this strain our powers of visualization were greatly enhanced, and a strong sense of connection with friends and family were engendered by this sweet new office favourite!

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