Craft Your Smoke* NEW Custom Preroll Maker

From $4.50

☆Touch the Weave as you skillfully blend magically aromatic strain components together☆
☆Add your own special touch & conjure a powerfully transformative rolled herbal spell, uniquely your own!☆


*Prerolls now much bigger @0.8g each! (1g price is charged per preroll & 0.2g difference is the new custom rolling fee).

*Choose 2 different grade strains and the calculator charges half price for each, splitting the price difference for maximum customization.

*If you only want one strain, choose the same strain for both.


⭐Check out the: Choose Your Own Adventure! Blog Post for more Customizable Options⭐

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Additional information

Primary Strain

Sativa: Curó Virgin Nuken, Hybrid: Curó Crimson Pepper, Indica Hybrid: *NEW* Curó Virgin Plum Berry, Indica: Curó Virgin Lavender Kush, Indica: Curó Virgin Hindu Pink, Indica: Curó Hindu Pink, Hybrid: *NEW* Candy Margarita, Indica: *NEW* Ether 2, Sativa Hybrid: *NEW* Cherry Sangria, Indica Hybrid: Coconut Kush *Sale 4A price*, Indica: Pink Rockstar, Sativa: *NEW* Sativa Grab Bag, Sativa Hybrid: *NEW* Strawberry Cheesecake, Sativa Hybrid: Lime Diesel *Sale 3A+ Price*, Hybrid:
Mint Chocolate Chip, Indica: *NEW* Rockstar, Indica: *NEW* Pine Kush *Sale 3A+ Price*, Indica: White Tahoe Cookies *Sale 3A+ Price*, Indica: Frosted Flakes, Hybrid: Ether *Sale 3A Price*, Sativa Hybrid: *NEW* Wedding Cake, Indica: *NEW* Girl Scout Cookies, Mystery