*Custom* Curó Blended Cigarillos


☆Explore & uncover the most precious and ancient of floral treasures, Curó
☆Combine up to Three sparkling herbal gems, add a sprinkle of our Aphrodisiac Love Formula & craft a one-of-a-kind crown jewel for any Cannasseur Collection☆ 


*Each rolled Curó is 0.8g
⭐Check out the: Choose Your Own Adventure! Blog Post for more Customizable Options⭐
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Additional information

Primary Curó Strain

Sativa: Curó Virgin Nuken, Hybrid: Curó Crimson Pepper, Indica Hybrid: Curó Virgin Plum Berry, Indica: Curó Virgin Lavender Kush, Indica: Curó Hindu Pink, Indica: Curó Krispy Kreme, Sativa: Curó Key Lime Pie