Frosted Lemonade

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Frosted Lemonade is a Mid-Harvest Sativa Hybrid and boasts an impressive parentage of Jack Herer and Lemon Haze!

These beautiful, conical, sticky buds exude an orange sunset glow with pops of vibrant happy greens. Aromas of incredible juicy lemons covered in sugar leave your senses wanting more and you won’t be able to stop breathing her in. Pass the drool hanky, please!

Her dominant terpenes are Terpinolene and Limonene and she proudly offers a potent THC percentage. Common effects have been known to bring out a creative, talkative, and giggly experience! Medical clients use Frosted Lemonade to aid in finding relief with headaches and fatigue.

This is the perfect Summer strain to impress your friends and for you to find a sweet, happy oasis to enjoy throughout your day!

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