Grapefruit Dream

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Grapefruit Dream is a gorgeous Mid Harvest Sativa Hybrid cross between Blue Dream and Grapefruit Diesel.

These conical, fluffy yet sponge-like buds incorporate a gorgeous mingling of lime green with sunset orange hairs, all in a truly generous coating of shimmering trichomes.

The aroma sends ecstacy to your nostrils with a blast of tropical grapefruit candy with hints of lime citrus! YUM!

With a powerful limonene dominant profile, this strain is perfect for the cannasseur who enjoys that perfect balanced hybrid to enhance their social adventures or be their cheerleader when the house needs a clean!

Allow this perfect, happy, summertime strain to enhance your playtime or give you a good boost of energy to finish any task as you sip its sweet sweet Grapefruit Dreaminess!

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