Ketama Gold Imported Blonde Hash *World Renowned*


Ketama Gold is considered by many within the cannabis industry as one of best, & quite possibly the best hash in the world! The epitome of Moroccan Blonde rarely but luckily imported from Morocco to BC!

Grown and made in an area called Ketama which sits at the foot of the Rif Mountains in Morocco, former local  ski tourism was completely overtaken by the production of this global hash phenomenon.

While most is found atop the menus of the most illustrious Amsterdam Coffee Shops, or in the markets of Ketama, only small amounts get sent around to the rest of the world, so we are all extremely lucky to have our hands on some!

A truly blissful and chatty, slightly indica leaning hybrid high is produced by the combination of the 3 major strains grown in Ketama: Blueberry, Blue Hash and Ketama.

We found ourselves on a balcony, happily chatting away as we puffed on this smoothest of hash.

The body buzz was light but noticeable and tingled through our central channel and core all the way down to the tips of our toes.

This is truly a special treat, so if you or someone you know is a true hash lover, this is a must have while it happens to be around!