Mini-Dose Mushroom Capsules 250mg + Optional *New Five Elements Herbal Boosters* (125mg)

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Mini-Dose Capsules are the perfect social/entertainment dose.  We can prepare any Dried Mushroom strains currently in stock!

If you are looking to enjoy the sensory enhancement of mushrooms while still being able to socialize with others who may or may not also be taking mushrooms, 1 or 2 capsules usually hits the spot! Also a great choice for those who want to take larger doses but do not enjoy the taste of mushrooms.

Our standard mushroom only Mini-Dose Capsules contain 250mg of psilocybin each, our New Herbal Booster Blends have 125mg psilocybin + Booster per capsule.

*New Five Elements Herbal Boosters* 

For Additional Info Read Here: Five Elements

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Mini-Dose Capsules