Pineapple Tangie

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Pineapple Tangie is a happy Mid Harvest Sativa Hybrid with the delightful parentage of sweet smelling Tangie and Pineapple Express.

These long, fluffy, honey filled buds shimmer with crystal and show off summertime colors of bright, sunlight greens and magic time golds.

Its aroma blasts your happy endorphins through the roof with tropical pineapple candy and lush Hawaiian jungle flowers.

Boasting a powerful myrcene and limonene dominant profile, this strain is will impress any daytime cannaseur with the uplifting of any mood and THC energy to get you and your friends up that hiking trail to enjoy that rewarding view!

Pineapple Tangie will not only impress you and your friends with its delicious, mouthwatering aroma and effects but it will most likely, become a good friend unto itself as you giggle in its delightful embrace.

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