Sugar Black Rose

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Sugar Black Rose is a powerful Early Mid Harvest Indica dominant hybrid cross between Critical Mass and Black Domina.

These dense, exquisitely royal buds have dark green and lavender hues with a silver dusting of diamond crystal, reminiscent of the colors and jewels that would fit a King or Queen!

Aromas of a sweet wooded countryside, courted by wafts of rich coffee with cream, transport you to a place where only the finest things in this life surround you.

Its dominant terpene is Caryophyllene and Myrcene and regales us with a prominently high THC %, that any experienced cannaseur would enjoy.

Sugar Black Rose will provide the grounds for the most kingly of sleeps and make your body feel like it is soaking in a hot bath by a comforting hearth. Treat yourself like a royal and breath in this sumptuous, healing smoke.

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