THCA Diamonds


THCA Diamonds represent the purest and most potent form of cannabis concentrate to date.  While cannabis flower usually tops at around 25% THC, concentrates 70%-90% THC, Diamonds are approximately 99% THC. This is essentially the “everclear” of cannabis, and it’s often added (capped) to less potent concentrates like shatter or honeycomb. A Terpene sauce is also added to give it a lovely natural taste and smell while simultaneously enhancing the high.

Made by live resin pressurized through a chromatography machine to produce it’s crystalline form, you’ll see why Diamonds are a girl’s or guy’s best friend! Remember, start with small amounts and build, this stuff is strong!

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Violator, Death Bubba, Sky Walker OG, Tom Ford Pink, MK, Papa OG, Blue Dream x Rockstar x Pinetar, Guava Dog, MKU, Hybrid, Sativa, Indica