A New way to have fun

In our modern culture, alcohol remains the most prevalent option for enhancing social parties, events and weddings, but… times are changing.

Cannabis and mushrooms are an increasingly popular healthy alternative to alcohol, and with the right products and doses they can provide even greater social and sensory enhancement.

We at Compassion in Motion offer a classy, professional, fully customizable mobile experience for any special occasion.


CIM Mushroom & Canna-Bar 

We set up a beautiful, black velvet themed table anywhere at your wedding or private event, adorned with warm glowing candles and our meticulously designed display.  An informative Cannasseur Budtender will be there to ensure each guest finds the right enhancements for their unique desires. The products we bring are completely up to you. Our most popular featured selections are quick and easy to enjoy:

Premium Aged Curó Blended Cigarillos in humidity regulated, glass corked tubes

Mini-Dose THC 5mg Gummies

Quarter Gram Mushroom Capsules including Scooby Snacks and Libido Boosters

Sativa, Hybrid and Indica Prerolls individually packaged and labelled in re-usable corked tubes

We also provide the perfect accessories to ensure an optimally comfortable experience, including lighters, matches, scissors, mints, visine, wet-wipes, water, and more.

Educational Tasting Party

Whether completely new to cannabis and mushrooms or seasoned veterans, there’s always something new to learn and to try. Invite your friends and family (19 years+) for a 1-2 hour educational experience full of fun and flavour!

*Free Gifts for the Host*

We bring our professional product displays to your private location and provide an interactive presentation tailored to the knowledge level and interest of the guests.

Once fully equipped with all the information needed to have that perfect cannabis and/or mushroom experience, each guests has a 1 on 1 opportunity with our representative to purchase whichever products and strains they’re drawn to.

When everyone has had an opportunity to make their selections and all curiosities are satisfied, we will graciously leave you to enjoy your wonderful treats with the ones you love.


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