CBD Isolate Tincture 3000mg – Zero Psychoactive Effects


Our cannabis derived CBD Isolate Tinctures are lab tested to ensure correct dosage and no contaminants.

CBD Isolate guarantees zero psychoative effects by ensuring that only the Cannabidiol (CBD) cannabinoid is present. Can be administered to both children and pets at appropriate dosages.

Excellent for pain relief, anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects, as well as a sleep aid. Tinctures are the best $/mg price points available.

Dosage: Depending on your purposes, you may want anywhere from 5mg – 200+mg per dose.

Each tincture contains 30ml with a 1ml measured eye dropper. We are happy to have a consultation call to help you use them to their best effect.

3000mg Tincture = 100mg/dropper

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