Curó Cigarillo & Hemp Wrap Blends

From $20.00

Curó Cigarillo Blends take the finest in aged Curó flower and combine them with beautiful, tobacco-free cigarillo wraps.

Hand selected and expertly blended Curó strains are further enhanced with fresh cigarillo wraps* produced using natural ingredients like chammomile, maté and cacao.

The result is a slow, even cigarillo burn infused with warm, complimentary flavours & fragrances.

We also offer clean & classic smooth burning hemp wraps** to keep the distance between you and your Curó as minimal & pure as possible.

Packaged in a high quality glass tube with an airtight cork stopper and humidity regulation pack.

Celebrate special occasions with the next level of premium Curó experience.


New Blends:

Curó Elevate Blend – A warm infusion ideal for social engagements

Curó Equanimity Blend – A balanced, healing blend

Curó Tranquility Blend – A restful rejuvenating respite

Curó Embrace Blend – A beautifully all-encompassing experience


*Cigarillos have 0.75g of Curó flower.

**Hemp Wraps have 0.5g of Curó flower.

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Curó Nuken, Curó Hindu Pink, Curó Crimson Pepper, Curó Virgin Plum Berry, Curó Equanimity Blend, Curó Elevate Blend, Curó Tranquility Blend, Curó Embrace Blend


Cigarillo – 0.75g, Hemp Wrap – 0.5g