*NEW* Wizard Stone & Wizard Dust

From $40.00

We have finally found the most perfectly potent & productive, social sativa ever: Wizard Stone!💎

It’s extremely rare and potent, virtually 100% pure, dry crystallized THCA.

When testing it there was literally no body buzz whatsoever! I felt crystal clear focus and a high that sat right behind the eyes, tingling my temples with bright, sparkling joy 🤩 My memory was precise, and I had a lot of fun chatting and creatively multitasking😃

Wizard Stone is super easy to use in a dab rig, or we can grind it into a tiny glass jar of shimmering Wizard Dust which you can sprinkle in joints or bowls 💫

You could even try it using our cool little kit that comes with a sleek capped pipe, specially fitted mesh screen, ornate scooping spoon, mini lighter, all in a soft black velvet bag🖤

Spark up the mythical Stone and conjure forth your own unique and powerful wizardry!

*Available in Half Gram and Discounted Full Gram options.

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Wizard Stone or Dust

Wizard Stone 0.5g, Wizard Dust 0.5g